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American Glory

The Bar

Sit at our wood and mirrored bars to enjoy a locally made craft beer, glass of wine, or cocktail. Our chilled, 29° draught brew is pulled from a state of the art glycol cooling system, the tap tower is covered in two inches of ice. In addition to beer and wine, we offer one of the area’s largest selections of fine Kentucky Bourbons, American Ryes and Single Malt Scotches. American Glory is a whiskey bar, and our bartenders specialize in prohibition style cocktails, as well as all the standards.

Cocktail on cloth on bartop.
View of liquor bottles and wine glasses behind bar.
Graffiti art on exterior of building showing man with gray beard and buckled hat giving peace sign.
Lit candle in lantern on bartop, liquor bottles shown on shelves behind bar.
Mixed cocktail on bartop, brick wall in background.
Man standing behind bar. A few patrons sit at bar engaged in conversation.
Pinkish-red mixed cocktail on outdoor table.
Row of beer taps behind bar.